Common Cold

Not runny
Not drippy
Not sneezy
Just pressure bout to explode my head

All I want to do is

Saw through the top of my skull
Tilt open
Start scooping the goop
Just scoop and scoop and
Remove all the goop with an ice cream scoop
Into the bowl

And next I need a

Butter knife
To sliver off polyps
Like butta
One and five and ten and
Plop go those nuisances
Into the bowl

Not finished

Slice straight down the middle of my nose
Open up wide like a door
Drill precise little holes in left cheek
Holes on right
Use a straw to
Suction and slurp and
Squirt the gunk
Into the bowl

Pour and coat and
Coat and pour the cement
So smooth so
Polyps don’t grow up-in-here no more

This is an old-school
Cf freestyle
Dee out